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Buying Vs. Leasing An Auto

Leasing a luxury car imposes lower costs, generally comparable to the interest rate of financing a loan. However, if you terminate a lease early or default on a monthly lease payment, you can face major financial penalties and ruin your credit rating. The decision of whether to buy or lease a vehicle also depends on your unique lifestyle. If you drive many miles each year and don’t mind paying repair bills, you probably should purchase your car. If, on the other hand, you exceed the mileage limitation or if the car shows considerable wear and tear at the end of the lease, you may find yourself paying large end-of-lease costs.

When you are thinking about getting a new car, one question always comes up: is it better to buy or lease? There is, of course, no one single answer. Each choice has benefits and disadvantages, so the choice depends on your own particular personal and financial circumstances.

A key issue is affordability. Is your job situation stable? Are you in overall good financial shape? The short-term monthly expense associated with leasing a car is much lower than the monthly payments required when purchasing a vehicle. With leasing, you pay only for the part of the vehicle’s cost used during the period of time you drive it. If you have the cash on hand, and you can pay the down payment and sales taxes – either in cash or via a loan – as well as the interest rate buying a car gives you that feeling of ownership and may be the best financial option.

If you want to get your hands on a luxury car, but you can’t afford the initial costs associated with buying one, leasing is your best option. Leasing a luxury car imposes lower costs, generally comparable to the interest rate of financing a loan. However, if you terminate a lease early or default on a monthly lease payment, you could face major financial penalties and this could ruin your credit rating. Before you decide to lease, make sure you adjust your budget for the monthly lease payment for the duration of the contract.

The decision of whether to buy or lease a vehicle also depends on your unique lifestyle. What does it mean to you to own a car? Do you bond with your car, or do you like having something new? If you plan to drive a vehicle for more than five years, buying it – through careful negotiations – is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you would rather drive a new car every two or three years, leasing is for you.

You should also consider your actual transportation needs. Think about how many miles per year you drive and how you handle car maintenance. If you drive many miles each year and don’t mind paying repair bills, you probably should purchase your car. With leasing, contracts are made with assumptions of limited mileage, typically between 12,000 to 15,000 miles driven per year, as well as considerations of wear-and-tear on the vehicle. If you can stay within the stated mileage limits and keep the automobile in good condition throughout the duration of your lease, leasing is a reasonable option. However, if you exceed the mileage limitation or if the car shows considerable wear and tear at the end of the lease, you may find yourself paying large end-of-lease costs.


Performance Level Up With Mercedes Aftermarket Parts

Mercedes is known for setting rigid standards in car production, and its models have always been a showcase of precision engineering. However, there are instances when concessions have to be made in the production of certain auto parts. One of the reasons for this is the use of material-saving strategies, when a company decides that a car part has to be produced in the most cost effective way possible while meeting design requirements. These strategies are often employed in the manufacture of what appears, at first, to be trivial car components. More often than not, these components would prove critical to the operation of the vehicle. Then later on, due to their design limitations, vehicle performance is affected.

Compromise in the fabrication of some auto parts has led several vendors to make and sell Mercedes aftermarket parts. These parts are intended to replace the original equipment that comes with your Mercedes purchase in order to improve vehicle performance or to replace a damaged stock item at a lower price. While many aftermarket vendors operate independently from the original car manufacturer, some are licensed to create replacement parts. Auto parts that are made by the car manufacturer or by its licensees are called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Since OEM parts are built according to the original specifications, they are sure to integrate seamlessly to the vehicle. If you want performance however, you can turn to vendors selling Mercedes aftermarket parts.

One of the most overlooked items in your Mercedes inventory is the exhaust manifold. With its collection of tubes, the exhaust manifold looks plain, doing a seemingly mundane function of channeling the exhaust gases from the engine to the exhaust system. Investigate further and you will be surprised to know about its role in engine life and performance. When the exhaust gases are not flowed out to the exhaust system properly, they collect on the passages of the exhaust manifold and create backpressure. This buildup of emissions forces the engine to exert more energy in getting rid of the exhaust gases that are still inside its chambers, resulting in power loss and internal wear. This could be prevented if only the exhaust manifold is made wider and longer to accommodate more exhaust. To solve this, vendors have created a Mercedes aftermarket part called header as replacement for the factory-installed exhaust manifold. Headers reduce backpressure by providing each cylinder with its own exhaust pipe, ensuring a smooth flow of exhaust.

Another Mercedes aftermarket part that has become popular with many car enthusiasts is the cold air intake system. If your Mercedes doesn’t have one, you are letting go of an extra 5-10 horsepower you can squeeze out of your engine. Stock air intake tubes have bends to fit inside the engine compartment that reduce noise when sucking air. As a result of this design compromise, oxygen is supplied poorly to the engine, causing poor fuel combustion. In order to preserve cold air intake performance, the cold air intake must be replaced with a wider one that has fewer bends to increase the volume of oxygen supply. Combined with a cooler air source, the system will allow the engine to breathe easier, creating more power, boosting throttle response, and improving fuel economy.

Headers and cold air intakes are just examples of the various Mercedes aftermarket parts you can buy when upgrading your vehicle. They help you increase the performance levels of your Mercedes, levels that you will not be able to reach with just stock auto parts.


2008 Saturn Vue: Inspired By Opel

General Motors? Saturn division is hard at work on building a replacement for its small SUV, the Saturn VUE. Currently based strictly on U.S. technology, the 2008 VUE is expected to be heavily based on Opel technology: Opel is General Motors? principal European brand. This is good news for those who were concerned that GM would ditch the Saturn VUE. Instead, the SUV will get new life and additional support via its new relationship with Opel. While it is too early to know all the details about the upcoming Saturn VUE makeover, there are some things we do know about this revamped model.

Ever since Saturn released the first ?S Series? models back in 1990, the company has struggled to maintain a unique identity. Neglected by parent GM, the upstart Saturn brand had to wait nearly a decade before additional vehicles were added to its line including the Saturn VUE SUV. Along with the ?L Series? midsize cars, the three vehicle lines [ION having replace the S Series] fully comprised the Saturn line for several years. Unfortunately, none of the three models were stand out performers, so the brand suffered accordingly.

With the demise of Oldsmobile has come new life for Saturn. Now a fully integrated GM division, Saturn is getting additional vehicles to help beef up its line up. Drawing upon its highly regarded dealer network and high consumer satisfaction scores, Saturn is being quickly remade into a European style division. Saturn has Opel to thank for that.

Along with the coming Aura midsize sedan which is heavily based on an Opel design, the Saturn VUE will be based upon the Opel Antera GTC. An Antera concept has been making the rounds of auto shows across Europe and what we know about the Antera points to what we can expect to see with the VUE.

The Antera is slightly smaller in size than the current Saturn VUE; although the Antera reportedly will have only two doors, the Saturn VUE model will get four doors. Both vehicles are closer in size to the current Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V models, their chief competitors. This smaller size also permits Saturn to introduce a slightly larger 7 passenger SUV next year, the Outlook.

The 2008 Saturn VUE will feature both four and six cylinder gas powered engines. Expect both AWD and RWD to be offered. The Antera?s front end will be redone to mesh with the current Saturn look. Beyond that, the VUE will likely incorporate current GM technology with upgraded safety and performance features included. A base price of around $20,000 for the FWD model is likely with fully loaded AWD versions retailing for as high as $30K.

The 2008 Saturn VUE will be built in Spring Hill, TN home of the original Saturn plant. Along with the Outlook, the Aura, the SKY roadster, the RELAY crossover, and the ION compact, new life is being breathed into Saturn thanks to Opel. This is good news for Saturn fans that have loyally supported the automaker since its inception more than 15 years ago.

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Car Insurance For Woman Free Related Article

Finding specific information about car insurance for woman might not be easy but we have gathered very helpful and relevant information about the general subject matter, with the ultimate aim of helping you out. Even if your search is about other car insurance for woman information, such as auto insurance Escondido, Texas auto insurance laws, Illinois auto insurance rate, auto insurance discounters, inexpensive auto insurance or even auto ins, this article will prove very helpful, to say the least.

The Truth About car insurance for woman

If economically feasible increase your deductible. An increased deductible lowers rates, just make sure the deductible is an amount that you will be able to pay should an accident occur.

A lower end or more common sports cars can often be insured for less, and are cheaper to buy so you win twice there. Once you have your car however, take the necessary security precautions to keep it safe. An annoying car alarm is an excellent investment, as well as immobilizers and a steering lock. Parking in a secure garage is also another way to assuage your insurer’s fears and persuade them to lower the premiums. It’s not only for their benefit either. If your car is stolen then you will face an increase in premiums, so it’s in your best interests to keep it safe.

If you are buying a car for your teen as soon as, they turn 16, choose the type of car carefully. Your teen is more likely to drive safely in a sensible car fitted with safety features, rather than a fast sports car. Fast driving will be less of a temptation and the insurance premiums will be lower too. Try to avoid letting your teen drive a truck or SUV, which are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents.

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Free Useful Info About car insurance for woman

If you have membership in any school or professional organizations, let your insurance company know. Some insurance companies offer significant discounts for membership of various alumni, fraternity and student associations; for example, the Golden Key National Honor Society.

Keep your driving track record clean. Easier said than done, no doubt, but it really pays in the long run. If you have a couple of accidents to your credit, chances are that you may have to empty your pockets a little more to have your car insured. This is the auto insurers’ way of hedging the risk from your bad driving and safeguarding themselves from a possible claim in the near future.

Add your teen driver to your own car insurance policy. There is no reason to purchase a completely separate car insurance policy for your teen driver when you can add him or her to your own car insurance policy. This alone will save you money, and you may even be able to get a multi-policy discount, too. Ask your own car insurance agent.

Get rebates. Some states that allow “rebating”. California law, for example, allows agents to rebate part of their commission to you. If you live in a non-rebating state, find a California company online!

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How To Clean The Seats In Your Car

Cleaning your car’s seats is very important because the first thing that anyone who sits in your notices are the seats. Clean seats make a very good impression and also make the car look good. motor polish is available to make your body shine from the outside but what about the interior? Is there something you can do to make it look better. According to runabout detailing experts you can completely revamp the interior of your car just by giving it a thorough clean. Car Leather Clean products are available in the market that you can use to clean your runabout interior. Lets discuss ways you can clean your motor seats and make them shine.


A vacuum is a great tool for cleaning. It can help get rid of all the dirt in your car instantly. Before you begin the actual cleaning process you need to vacuum the carpets and the car floor. This will get rid of all the dust and give the car a more refined look. You can use a brush to wipe off all the dirt that gets stuck in the seats.

Spray Cleaner

Next up you need to spray upholstery cleaner onto the seats. But before you spray shake the can first and make sure you get good coverage. Maintain a distance from the seats whilst you are spraying them. There is no need to get too close, you can wear gloves and a mask if you see it as a necessity. Car leather clean is an easy process so it shouldn’t take too much of your time.

Other Measures

Once you have sprayed the seats let the spray sit on the fabric for a period of at least 5 minutes. Now you can moisten the towels slightly and rub it onto the seat. Try to remove any stains that are present on the seats. Car polish can also come in handy at a time like this and it can be used to clean the interior properly.

Brushes and Scrubbing

The last step is to get a soft bristled brush and get rid of stains that are present on the fabric. But don’t scrub too hard or you could damage the seat’s fibers. Now to finish off the job you can use a dry towel to wipe the seat clean.


Car Polish and car leather clean are both essential tools that you need to have in order to properly clean your car’s interior. Just follow these tips and your car’s seats will be shinning in no time at all.


Evo Handling Vs Engine Power Of Subaru

When it comes to the rally world, Subaru and Mitsubishi are two names that won’t let themselves get ignored. And they weren’t not ignored, what they did is they grabbed the attention of many car enthusiasts. Their respective designs is not the one that dazzles them, it is the speed. STI by Subaru and EVO by Mitsubishi are the cars that named the tight competition between the two. With everything that is applied on this two, one would find it hard to determine which one is better. It will be very hard, even for experts, to know which one has the edge and which one will be left behind if ever they will meet on the road.

As many reviews said, you can’t declare STI as the winner if you haven’t drive the EVO and vice versa. The only thing that will distinguish one from the other is when one is drove by a professional and the other one is drove by a baby.

Some say that Mitsubishi’s EVO is the greatest. EVO has a steering ratio of 13.0:1 while the Subaru only has 15.2:1. As the numbers show, the previous one appears to be quicker. But the battle does not end there, there are more features that differentiate the two. If chassis is EVO’s best attribute, STI takes the credit when it comes to the drivetrain. The cars has more power and torque on tap and more aggressive gearbox. It is hard to find a drivetrain whose priority is to go quickly than any other road car, but STI has it. The car offers a power delivery with rally car handling. When you grind the pedal to the corner exits, the STI turns into a Subaru-powered Camaro. The transitions from understeer to oversteer rapidly with the active center diff doing much of the work in deciding where the power goes. But still, STI is less adjustable than the Mitsubishi’s EVO.

When it comes to driving, the responses in EVO is more natural, easier to control and more rewarding. On the other hand, STI is less receptive to mid-corner adjustments from the brakes or the throttle. Braking is awarded to EVO. Since STI is producing an inconsistent pedal feel, it is disheartening to step on it. EVO’s braking system provides a relentless stopping power, slowing it time and time again to match the cornering speed.

On the engine, it looks like STI has it. With a 295bhp 2.5 litre turbocharged flat four cylinder engine, it will surely left behind EVO’s 2.0 litre turbo with a power of 276bhp. Subaru appears to be the stronger performer because of its more low-down punch and a wave of power all the way up to 8,000rpm red line.

Even though their advantages were mentioned, it is still not clear which one is superior. Power, precision, sharpness and acceleration makes the judgment seismic. We can choose the STI for now, but it can be the EVO in few weeks or months, and the cycle will go on. Because until now, both manufacturers keep on developing their own cars to get the supremacy in rally cars. And this benefits us largely. Their competition is our gain.


Saturn Vue Green Line Ready For 2007

The year 2006 still has not yet ended but General Motor Corporation?s Saturn brand of automobiles has made sure that the Saturn Vue Green Line would be ready for the auto market come the following. The company is very much proud of this vehicle. After all, it is a couple of thousands cheaper than some of the most known and popular hybrids in the market.

Since 2002, the Saturn Vue line of vehicles has already been produced and it has been created as a compact crossover sport utility vehicle entrant. And part of this line of vehicle models, the Saturn Vue Green Line was born. You can find all Saturn Vue vehicles as a wagon that holds four doors. And for the very first time this year, the public was introduced to the Saturn Vue Green Line. And what made the Green Line different from its parent model was that it was more inclined towards environment friendliness.

Saturn Vue?s Green Line has been created with a belt alternator starter system or the BAS system. This is simply a large electric motor with special bearings and parts used. But for the rest of the Saturn Vue Green Line, Saturn aftermarket parts would surely fit it. What the BAS system does is it stops the engine automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop. However, when the vehicle starts moving again, the BAS system starts the engine up again.

According to statistics from the Saturn Vue Green Line?s creator and manufacturer, an owner of this SUV would surely be able to save an average of fifteen per cent on his current savings on gas and fuel. And consumers in the market scouting for a new SUV would surely love this vehicle for it would cost much lower than other hybrid SUVs offered by other automakers.


Buying Used ? A Growing Trend

Many of these people realize the value (not to mention the savings) that go along with such a purchase when compared to buying a car that is brand new.

As soon as you purchase a brand new car, the minute you drive it off of the parking lot as the new owner, its value depreciates significantly. For instance, when I first bought my Jeep Liberty brand new in the summer of 2007, the moment I drove it off the lot, its value went down…a lot. I know this because out of curiosity, only a week after I had bought it, I took it to a local dealership to ask them how much it was worth. I also checked its value by using the Kelley Blue book system. As a new car owner and first time car buyer, I was shocked and a little disappointed. I was only beginning to learn a very hard lesson about making wise, well thought out, well informed decisions about purchasing a car.

I used to think that buying a used car made a person look bad. After all, anyone of any sort of status or who has money doesn’t buy used, right? Wrong. There are many people who find that they are happier and much better off when buying a used car versus a new car. The key is to make sure that you do your research ahead of time. A used car can be a great vehicle to have if you simply check the history on it, get a Car-fax, speak to the owner and have your local mechanic look at to make sure that it is a sound vehicle. But not everything goes according to plan.

When my boyfriend purchased his car a few years ago, he had been in a rush because only days before, another driver had struck his vehicle and totaled the vehicle. Now, vehicle-less and tired of asking his friends for a ride to work, he finally found some time to take action. He visited a local ‘Mom and Pop’ dealership in which he found what he thought was the perfect vehicle for him. Without any further ado, he simply bought the car. Almost as soon as he was clear of the dealership, he recognized that there was a problem with the car. He ignored it until he found himself (and his car) in the repair shop. Over $1,400 later, it turned out that he needed to have his catalytic converter replaced. In retrospect, whenever I talk to him about this experience, he says that if he had to do it all over again, he would have taken the car to a local mechanic to have it inspected prior to purchasing it.

Another problem facing those who buy new versus those who buy used is practicality. What can you really afford to buy? Not only this, but of what you can afford to buy within your budget, what are you going to be using the car for? Having a sports car may not make sense in your life right now whereas a four-door-sedan may do the trick. Just make sure that you do your homework to figure it out!


The Future Of Bugatti

The future of Bugatti, maker of the worlds fastest, most expensive car and subsidiary of Volkswagen, Europe?s largest carmaker and manufacturer of quality VW car accessories such as VW cargo mat—has become uncertain with the resignation of its president, Thomas Bscher.

Thomas Bscher is a wealthy German banker who brought the extraordinary Bugatti Veyron to the market. He was also a former GT racing champion and owner of a McLaren F1, the predecessor of Veyron as the world?s fastest car has given Bscher the credibility that he needs for his project. His contacts and reputation were responsible for many of the 145 sales so far, at a pretax price of ?1.2m (?800,000).

The revival of the popular prewar Bugatti marque was the idea of Ferdinand Piech who was then the Chief Executive of Volkswagen. Meeting the request of the Volkswagen CEO to enable the 8-liter turbocharged engine to rev up 1,000bhp and obtain a top speed of 250 mph has become a difficult challenge for VW?s engineers, which have resulted for the Veyron to suffer several setbacks before it was finally made ready for production at the end of 2005.

It was in year 2003 when Bernd Pischetsrieder, Piech?s successor has appointed Bscher to head the development of Bugatti as VW?s exclusive super-premium brand. Bscher was working on two ideas for a second model ? a four-seater using the Veyron?s 16-cylinder engine and a technically sophisticated lightweight sports car that would be the 21st-century equivalent of the classic 1920s Type 35.

Unfortunately the ousting of Pischetsrieder last November has left Bscher without any hope for a second model. This is also one of the reasons why Bscher resigned as president. The management of Bugatti has not made an official statement on the matter. Veyron production continue as planned—there have been 60 Bugattis delivered plus orders for a further 85 and it is expected that a total of 300 cars would be completed by 2010.

However, commentators could sense that somehow the decision of not to proceed with a second Bugatti is influenced by Porsche. It is no secret that Porsche has increased its stakes in Volkswagen making it as the major stockholder of Europe?s largest automaker. And as a major stockholder Porsche is given controlling powers over the affairs of Volkswagen. Add to it the fact that Ferdinand Piech, major Porsche shreholder is now the Chairman of VW?s supervisory board. There are rumors circulating within the company saying that Piech may want for future flagship cars to carry the Porsche badge instead of the Bugatti.

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Oldsmobile Achieva, The American Compact Car

Manufactured by General Motors, the Achieva has been marketed and sold under this vehicle manufacturer?s Oldsmobile division. The Oldsmobile Achieva has been making its rounds on the streets and roads since 1992, the year of its introduction, and has continued to do so for six years. Come the year 1998, General Motors has then decided to discontinue and entirely halt the production and manufacturing of this vehicle. The Oldsmobile Achieva actually replaced the spot and niche that the Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais vacated when the company has decided to discontinue its production. When the Oldsmobile Achieva?s production was halted, it was the Oldsmobile Alero that took the spot of the latter vehicle.

The Oldsmobile Achieva is a compact car. It has been made available in two body styles. These body styles include the coupe with two doors and the sedan with four doors. It was built on the FF N body platform and is greatly related to the Buick Skylark, the Chevrolet Malibu, the Oldsmobile Cutlass, and the Pontiac Grand Am because of this. It has been said that one of its major competition was the Mercury Tracer. The very reason why the Oldsmobile Achieva was designed and manufactured to be such was because General Motors targeted this vehicle to be one of the great competitions of Japanese compact cars that has been entering the American automobile market during the time of its introduction.

The Oldsmobile Achieva was introduced back in the year 1992. Although it was mounted and built on the FF N body platform, the basis for the car was the GM N platform. This vehicle was also made available in four trim levels which comprise of the S, the SC, the SL, and the SCX. The engines that were mounted on the Oldsmobile Achieva through the years that it was being manufactured included the high output version of the 2.3 L Quad 4 LD9, as well as the 3.1 L V6 engine.

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