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How Can You Run Your Car On Water?

Are you looking for a real answer of how can I run my car on water? The answer is yes you can run your car on water. A lot of research has already been taken and people can now think of running their car on water. Actually the principal here is very simple, carry out electrolysis process in which you convert the water molecule to hydrogen and oxygen molecules. In electrolysis of water lots of energy is required and you get the final products in gas form i.e. hydrogen and oxygen gases. Now the gases required to be transported to the manifold where these will combine to form water and will release lots of energy. This energy will be used for running your car.

The principle is simple first carry out electrolysis of water and then allows the constituents to combine to form water again. In this process a net energy if released can be utilized for running the car.

There are many fake claims being made at the Internet and you should ensure the genuineness about the website before purchasing any kit from the site. A kit for electrolysis will be required so that you can economically convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.

There are many websites also claiming that you can follow instructions yourself to run your car on water, Even if you have no background in mechanical or electrical engineering, you can do the job yourself. However, if you are a non-technical person, you can take the help of a technical person or mechanic and carry out certain modifications as required so that you can run your car on water.

So, in conclusion electrolysis is an established chemical process and you can convert water into hydrogen and oxygen by this process. Hydrogen is a fuel that has highest calorific value and is one of the best next generation fuel identified by many governments. If it combines with oxygen it will produce water and lots of energy that can be utilized for running your car. If you are able to fix a kit for electrolysis successfully and make necessary modifications in engine design, you can run your car on water.


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