Growing Demand For Car News In India

The emerging middle class people in India are pushing the sales of new cars. With the growing income and growing aspirations there is more demand for car news in the country.

The Indian economy is growing and is the second fastest growing economy of the world as of now. The auto industry is also growing at a fast pace. Interestingly, the Indian auto market is also the second fastest growing one after the Chinese market. The expansion of the market is being fueled by the growing income of the middle class people of the country.

As car sales are growing there is also demand for more information related to cars. There are many news media organizations that keep giving information and updates about new car launches. With the growth of the auto industry, the Indian newspapers are covering auto industry more prominently. There are news of new car launches in the papers regularly. Information about upcoming cars also gets coverage. Some media houses have started to publish auto industry specific news magazines.

After the liberalization of the economy, even the media industry has been liberalized. Several companies have launched their television channels catering to various interests of the audience. When earlier there was just one television channel belonging to the Indian government, now there are so many news channels providing news 24 hours a day. Many news channels come up with shows related to the auto industry. The programmes provide details of various new cars and bikes being launched in the Indian market. They also provide test drive reports of new cars. Information about yet-to-be-launched cars also form content of the auto shows.

The Internet has emerged as an important source of information about the auto industry. Most of the news portals provide information about new car launches and coverage of the auto industry. There are also Internet portals covering the auto industry. These auto portals provide information about all kinds of cars available in the country. The information includes features and technical specifications of cars, and user reviews of the cars.

Several auto portals have launched their mobile versions for catering to the growing need for car news on the move.


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